Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard | Book Review

Title: Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: 2/10/2015
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy
Page Count: 383


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is the story of people with silver blood and red blood. The silver blood are considered elite. They are the monarchs and the high society. They also have certain powers. The red blood are considered lower class. They serve the silvers. Mare Barrow is a red blood. She hates the silvers and how they treat her and the other reds. Chance happens that she finds herself working in the royal palace where she discovers, publicly, that she has a power she shouldn’t have. No red blood should have a power. The king decides to disguise her as a long lost silver princess and it is set that she will marry one of his sons.

Why I Picked It Up

The hype got to me.


I very much enjoyed this book. It did take me a while to get into it, but once I did, it was hard to put down. There was a twist in this book that I thought could be a possibility of where the plot would go. However, it did not annoy me when I figured out I was right. I felt for Marrow throughout the book. She wanted to save her best friend. That’s how she ends up at the royal palace. Her family and friends are important to her and we learn what she will do to keep them safe. As I said, I enjoyed this book and I look forward to continuing this series to see what Mare will do next.

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