Review: Red Rising & Golden Son

Red Rising & Golden Son are book 1 and book 2 of the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. We follow Darrow who is a Red. Red is the lowest color in this society. He lives on Mars. Mostly underneath Mars. He is there with his fellow Reds to make the surface of Mars habitable to live. Tragedy strikes and Darrow learns that the Reds have been lied to and he finds himself sacrificing his life for the dream of another.

I read Red Rising last year and it was #3 on my top books of 2014. I read Golden Son after it came out in January. As I’ve said previously about these short reviews I’m doing, I am trying hard not to just say “OMG, it’s awesome!” in these reviews. To describe my feelings for these books, I will say this: I want to run up and down my street screaming at everyone I see to read these books. I don’t want to have to explain to them why they should read these books because that would stop me from reaching as many people as possible. I am not doing that because I don’t want to give these people reason to believe I am the crazy lady in the neighborhood.

If you aren’t sure, I’m a pretty big fan of this trilogy. Pierce Brown is a very good writer. I didn’t know what to expect when I first picked up these books. I love the story. Red Rising introduced us to this world and what it took to get to the top of the Gold caste. It centered around the Institute, where Golds go to compete against the best, to be the best. There is a medieval setting at the institute which I love. In Golden Son, we continue to read Darrow’s journey throughout this world and whether or not he is able to destroy the Golds, which include people he has begun to care for.

I highly recommend these books. The final book comes out next year and I’m anticipating it almost as much as I am anticipating the next college football season.

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I am a writer and front end developer living in Central Ohio. I love to read and decided to start making YouTube videos about the books that I read.

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