My New Job!

Just an update….

I’ve been writing The Sports Diva Magazine for almost a year now and have been contributing to Epic Carnival for a few months. Now I will be writing for DEJUICED! You can read all about my excitement for it in my TSD post. And this is just the beginning….


This Blog Would Work Better If I Had A Palm Centro!

Look at it. REALLY! Take a good look at it. It’s adorable, right? I should have it, right? Well, Sprint says that I have to wait until July 1st to get 2 year rebate on it. That will be 22 months that I’ve had my current phone. What sucks is that they used to let you get a new phone with the full rebate after 18 months. I would be holding my Palm Centro in my hand right now if it was still that way. But no. They just want to PISS me off.

Of course I could blog when I get home from work but how fun would it be for me to blog while on the COTA? I have my ipod nano, yes I bought it and love it, so all I need is a Palm Centro. I’m counting down the days. Now if someone wanted to donate one to me, that would be great. Good for you. Shout me out an email. But seriously, I really REALLY want one. Remember that toy when you were a kid that you wanted so bad but didn’t want to wait until Christmas or your birthday to open it. That is what this is to me. Some how I HAVE to get it.

I need an IPod

I had a Sansa. I wasn’t to fond of it but it worked for me. Now, it seems I have misplaced it. Not really sure where exactly it is. I haven’t seen it in few months actually. Not sure if I got mad at it one day and decided to pith it. But why would I have kept the USB cable? Found that.

I’m thinking of purchasing an IPod Nano today. I’m not all that fond of it’s looks though. The inner beauty of it is obviously great though. I’m allowed to be vain about this right? I mean, I’m the one who is gonna have to look at it everyday. It will block out all the noise on the bus though. Maybe I’ll just run to Radio Shack real quick and take a look at it.

You thought I’d do this everyday?

Just finished up my weekly post for Epic Carnival. Should be up on their site tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll keep you posted since I’m sure we are all wondering what good gossip I found.

Oh and I will not be posting onto this site everyday. I’d love to but can’t. Unless I did some mobile posting on the bus. That might be fun. I’ll think about this. But I will be working on The Sports Diva Magazine trying to make that huge. READ IT! Thanks 🙂

I Try Something New Everyday

So here we go. I’m just surprised that it took me this long to start a
personal blog. Do I care if people read it? Sort of. I will definitely
tell my friends about this though. Yes, I will still be blogging about
sports over at The Sports Diva Magazine and Epic Carnival
but here will consist of anything else I feel like talking about. My
public journal. I hope to blog as much as possible here. Need to up my
blogging over at TSD too. This will be interesting.