Cherie the App Hoarder

I like apps. I just do. I download. I play with that app. Sometimes I go back to it and sometimes I don’t. I have gotten better with removing some of the apps I no longer go back to. Some of them. Sometimes, I talk myself into keeping it. “I may need that music app one day even though I have 5 others” and “I never use that camera app but the filters are so cool!”. This is normal for me. But as much as I download apps I need to uninstall, there are some apps that I actually use. Here are my 5 favorite apps right now:

1) Path. I’ve said it before I will say it again. I really like this app. No really. I really like it. I just need more of my friends to like it too. But if they don’t I will still use it. Its called a smart journal for a reason. You can also post to twitter, facebook, or foursquare. I think in the iOS app you can post to Tumblr but I don’t have iOS at the moment. We’ll talk about that later if that changes. If you don’t want to take my word for how awesome this app is you can read about it here.

2) GroupMe. It is really useful. Get a group of people, start sending messages, and its all in one place. Very simple.

3) Pixlr-o-matic. So I have an android phone meaning I don’t have instagram. I’ve used PicPlz, Lightbox, and just downloaded Mobli. I also have Dotti Camera, Pudding Camera, and Retro Camera+. I rarely if ever use these but there is a chance I might so they remain on my phone. When I can’t decide which social photo app though I want to use, (which is often) I just use Pixlr-o-matic. Great filters and I share where I decide to share.

4) Facebook Messenger. I actually use this app. Especially since the Facebook app rarely ever told me if someone sent me a message. I also like this app because now my brother can’t act like I don’t respond to his messages.

5) Twitter for Android. This is the most used app on my phone. I have tried other twitter apps but I always come back to this one. Seesmic sometimes stops refreshing, Tweetdeck ALWAYS force closes (If it didn’t, it would be in this spot. If it doesn’t force close on you, use it.) The recent update to the app is…interesting. I preferred the old version but it is what it is. And I will still use it. Everyday. Every single day.

Happy New Year!

Its 2012! I have to be honest. I did not see the ball drop. I woke up at 7 that morning (for some stupid reason) and then started drinking at around 7 that evening. After a while I was just sleepy. I was happy I didn’t go out though. Who knows what kind of craziness I would have gotten into. After Ohio State loss to Indiana (ugh), it was best that I kept my butt home.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy night. Now, does everyone know what their resolutions are? You do? Good. What are mine? Well…here are a few I’ve been working on.

1) Last night was the first of 3 games in a row. Ohio State basketball loss but that doesn’t mean the Bengals and Ohio State football will too. However, if they do, I will stop threatening my electronic devices. My Macbook, Nook, and TV will know they are in a safe environment in 2012.

2) Remember NaNoWriMo and how I said I was going to finish that book? Yeah…I didn’t. At least in 2011. I will finish it this year. I will finish it or else (not sure what the or else is. Hopefully it won’t come to that).

3) I will no longer threaten my EVO when it yells at me for having low memory. I’m an app addict. I can admit that. I shouldn’t take it out on my EVO though. It isn’t fair. My upgrade is in April so I will have to be nice to my evo just for a few months.

That’s all I have for now. Oh and I guess I can eat better and be nicer.

5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch This Fall (In Order)

I watch a lot of TV. A LOT! And I can’t wait until Fall TV comes back. Below is a list of 5 shows* (as wells as honorable mention) I can’t wait to begin.

1. The Office. This show puts a smile on my face. I can’t explain it but I can’t live without this show. I spent last weekend watching episodes (seasons worth) of this show on Netflix. I know get a life. But why do I need one when I have The Office? Oh and I gave up Grey’s Anatomy for this show. At least during football season. I have to be able to see what’s happening during the Thursday night college football game. I can’t do that if I’m recording 2 things at the 9 o’clock hour.

2. Glee. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how happy I was after watching the pilot of this new series. I fell in love. I looked to see when this show would be on and it’s Wednesday’s at 9. Phew. No conflicts with other shows. I will say this though. If I had to choose between this show and the next show on this list I would have to say goodbye to Gossip Girl. The pilot episode affected me that much.

3. Gossip Girl. Luckily I won’t have to say goodbye to the show New York Magazine calls “the greatest show of our time”. I don’t know about all that anymore (Glee has really affected me) but yes I do love this show.

4. 30 Rock. Where’s my sandwich! Enough said. Although I’m gonna need to see the “you’ll all have chins part”. If you don’t understand what I mean once I find it you will.

5. The Big Bang Theory. what can I say. Another show I don’t like to miss.

honorable mention: ugly betty, the cleveland show, family guy, the simpsons, how I met your mother, community, parks & recreation, dollhouse

*Friday Night Lights doesn’t begin until January I believe. If not they would be on this list.

Looking into the Diva’s Guide To Sports Archives

I was watching the Cavs game today (they won but not the way I would have liked them too) and I thought it would be a good idea to bring back another one of my Diva’s Guide To Sports columns I had written in the past. Happy reading 🙂

Supporting Your State

I grew up in Hamilton, Ohio; a small city between Dayton and Cincinnati. Because of geography I became a Reds fan and because of my dad a Bengals fan. Unfortunately I did not have an NBA team in the area to root for. I wasn’t around in the Cincinnati Royals era and no I don’t root for the Sacramento Kings.
In living in this area, I developed a HATE for all that is Cleveland sports. I don’t even know how it happened. All I knew was every time a Cleveland team lost a huge smile spread across my face. I made fun of all Cleveland sports fans. I know you may be wondering what right I had being a Cincinnati fan. Didn’t they do it right back to me? Not as much as expected. And when it was done, it wasn’t clever enough to hurt me. Besides, I’m the type of person to crack on something I care about before anyone else can. So I took all the stingers away from them.
So years went by and the hater in me kept on hating. Then 2007 happened. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals. I talked to my dad and he was happy. What? The biggest Cincy sports fan I know was happy that a Cleveland team might win a championship? I was confused. All that I knew I couldn’t understand anymore. Then I thought that maybe my dad is supporting this because they are the only NBA team in the state. So if he could do it, why couldn’t I? And that began my obsession with Boobie Gibson. We’ll talk about that some other time. Back to the whole Cleveland thing….
Later in 2007 when the Indians were in the playoffs, my dad rooted for them. Then when the Browns lost one of their games, I talked to my dad and he was upset over it. This was mind-boggling. What in all that is Cincy was he doing rooting for these teams? But then I started thinking. My dad rooted for Ohio State. He’s a UC fan. I don’t think he did it just for me since I live up here. He did it because Ohio State is in Ohio. He waved his Ohio flag when it came to sports. If my dad could do it, couldn’t I? I already rooted for other Ohio colleges so why couldn’t I root for other Ohio professional teams. I thought it over and over. It was a hard decision for me to give up all that hate from all those years but I decided to give it a try. No I don’t love Cleveland teams but I decided to not hate them either. When they were in the playoffs I will be supporting them; as long as they are not playing against a team from Cincinnati. If it’s good enough for my dad it’s good enough for me. And the more I can scream O-H-I-O the better life will be.

Happy Reading!

Here is one of my Diva’s Guide to Sports columns I use to write on The Sports Diva Magazine. I’m thinking of bringing it back. Here of course. I should have re-posted this a few weeks ago after what occurred but it still lingers. Oh and I just posted an item about that occurrence over on And with that and below, I close that chapter. Happy reading:

Diva’s Guide To Sports: Surviving Heartache

We’ve all experienced it. I’m not sure which is worse: when a boy breaks your heart or when your favorite team loses a very important game (like a championship). Comparing the 2 too extreme? Well, at least it wasn’t compared to death.

I’ve experienced this a lot recently. The 2007 BCS championship game. The 2007 NCAA Tournament Final. The 2008 BCS championship game. Luckily the Reds and Bengals didn’t make it to their championships and lose, it might have sent me to the looney bin. And yes it was great for my favorite teams to reach these games but is 2nd place enough? There is only one winner, right?

I still remember the day that Ohio State lost to Florida in the NCAA Tournament Final. I left campus, came home, turned on the TV and the tears came. I was so sad over that loss. You might wonder if I cried over the BCS title losses. The first one I just went to bed and decided that as much as I loved them, they did not deserve one tear. The second, I just laughed. All I could do was laugh. Oh, and I thought about starting but thought it was just too mean. But let them lose to an SEC team again this year. just might happen. But back to the basketball game. I was upset. I felt for that team. I was sad for them. I wanted so much for that team to win a championship. I knew for one that the team would not be the same the next year without Oden (oh and then Conley decided to leave early later). I also wanted to experience an Ohio State basketball championship in my lifetime. It’s been 48 years since the last time they’ve won their one and only championship. I at least saw the football team win theirs 5 years ago. I just wanted so much to see the basketball team win theirs too. But I survived. How? After the few tears were shed, I went to bed and woke up the next day thinking about next year. Some of the players wouldn’t be back but the anticipation to see if they could make another run with different players made me excited again. So my tip for all: There’s always next year. Whether your team had a great season but came up short or had a horrible season and came no where near the post season, there’s always next year. Cleveland sports fans know what I’m talking about. Some have a site dedicated to that notion.

After your favorite team loses, do you cry? Break shit? Throw things at the TV? What do you do? How do you survive the heartache?

Are You On Twitter Yet?

If you don’t know, I’m a big fan of twitter (@thesportsdiva is me). I love it. I’m on it all the time. More than pretty much any other social networking site (yes even Facebook and Myspace). But for some reason, it is getting hard for me to try to talk some of my friends into joining twitter. I think it’s because they don’t know what it is. This is what twitter says it is:

"Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?"

Twitter is like updating your Facebook (and now Myspace) statuses. Being able to reply to other peoples statuses. You can find out about news before hearing it other places (yes friends, this is where I find out about some things). You can meet new people. You can follow newspapers and websites and TV channels. It is truly a fun place.

And don’t think that you have to sit in front of your computer to be on twitter. Twitter has a mobile website. Twitter has mobile applications. I use MoTwit for my Centro. There are apps for the Blackberry, the Iphone, and other mobile phones. Most of my no more than 140 character Tweets (a term that can be used when you twitter) come from my phone.

Twitter just seems to be getting more popular. Both Barack Obama and John McCain used twitter accounts to get support for their campaigns. Britney Spears (her people) is twittering. During this election, most people are following twitter. Twitter is just where it is.

So friends, please set up twitter accounts and @ me!

UPDATE: How did I forget this. See something crazy or just want to show a pic to the people on twitter? Send it to It will show up on your twitter timeline for everyone to see.

Just Making My Centro Life Easier


(Oh TouchLauncher, you’re my hero)

So, I have a Palm Centro. Got it back in July. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. And I’m always trying to find ways to make it better. Then I found TouchLauncher. I found it a while ago but never really used it. Was having issues with downloading but those issues are long gone.

The TouchLauncher has turned my Centro into a little IPhone, well sorta. I can scroll to different screens with my finger. I can move different icons with my finger. I can even change what the icon looks like. There are different iconsets that can be downloaded from the TouchLauncher website. Or you can make your own. I’m going to attempt to make some for the different websites I go to. Being able to just click on an icon for ESPN makes me happy.

Here is a video I found on YouTube from the developer. If you get TouchLauncher or have it already, let me know what you think of it.

New job begins tomorrow

Well, I tried the serving thing again. Not really for me. I remember some of the reasons I stopped doing it in the first place. Like the hours and the money not always being great. Now as much as I liked the people that I did work with at the doctor’s office, I rather could not stand the work. And besides, I want to work closer to home since I do take public transportation. Now if I went back to the doctor’s office that means leaving home an hour and a half early and getting home an hour and a half late. So no thank you. Moving on…

The new job is a temporary assignment. I went to a temp agency and got an assignment that should last through the end of the year. I’m crossing my fingers that it will last a lot longer.

About school… It will happen. It didn’t happen this quarter but I’m hoping for next quarter. I’ll keep you posted. Now it’s time to figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow.

OMG…I’ve Got The Power!

Hello everyone. This had to have been the most roller coastery, emotional birthday I most likely ever had. And you thought my birthday nightmare ended when the Buckeyes got embarrassed on national television the night of my birthday. But no that wasn’t the end of it.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt like my boyfriend broke my heart. Don’t worry he did not, that was clearly Ohio State’s doing. I’m okay now. Then I found out that my 1st round fantasy draft pick (LT) had issues with his big toe. Then I had to watch the dreadful Cincinnati Bengals and that pathetic performance. Around this time I was noticing how windy it was and the lights flickered on and off but they came back on. Then around 4:45 pm they flickered again yet did not come back on.

Every new year I learn something new. Like even thought I live in the Midwest, a hurricane can affect you extremely. Now usually we get rain sent our way when hurricanes hit the coast. But let me tell you. There was no rain. None. It was all wind. We here in Ohio had a windstorm. This windstorm resulted in me not having power from Sunday at 4:45pm to today at around 1:30pm. Insanity crept in numerous times and when the power came back on, I did my little happy dance.

So tonight I’m watching as much TV as possible even though I’m sleepy 🙂

I Might Spend Too Much Time Online

As I write this, I’m on my way to work. On my Centro. And usually when I get home from work I get back online to work on the blogs. If you don’t know which ones I speak of they are listed to your right.

But is that the only time I’m online? Of course not. I don’t just blog and then put the computer away. After I work I play. If you again look to your rigjt you will find certain obsessions of mine. From Twitter to Of course most of these I can check from the Centro. But that’s mostly when I’m on the go like right now.

And then of course there are the newspapers. Of course I read the Dispatch but there are the other Ohio dailies and others I love to read. And we can’t forget about the countless blogs I subscribe too.

So maybe I do spend a lot of time online. But I see it being more productive then a waste of time. And just a heads up. TSD Mag is getting a podcast. Should be coming soon most likely weekly. I’m also looking into doing video. Mostly for TSD but who knows 🙂