I made my character sad

My main character is now depressed.

I’m still doing NaNoWriMo. I’m a little behind, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up. Either way, I still plan on finishing this novel. I’m enjoying writing this story actually. At least I was before I made my main character turn to alcohol. 

Now, I don’t have an outline for this book. At least not one that I have written down. I know the endpoint I want to reach in this story, I’m just driving without a map getting there. Well I just got to the part on figuring out why my main character doesn’t have a love interest. Lets just say, she is one of those girls that likes to stay in one place. And if she takes a step forward, she freaks out and thinks that her life will be ruined. We all know it won’t but she doesn’t realize until its too late. She is one of those. Now she’s going through some tough times and I’m going to have to see her through them. 

Writing break over. 


That NaNoWriMo Life

I’ve attempted to do NaNoWriMo many times. I think the first time was back in 2007. Not even sure I got 1 word that year. I’m sure I also attempted and failed before I even started in 2008, 2009, and 2010. 2011 was different. I got past the first word. I was nanowrimoing! Well…up until I got to around 23,000 words. But I at least got over 20,000. 

And now to this year. I will be participating. I will be writing everyday (I should do already but I don’t. Oops.). I will get to 50,000 words this time. I will! I also added a widget on the right over there to show my progress. I’ll update later on what my story is about. Time to get some writing done.

Signing Day Diary!

Wednesday was National Signing Day for college football. Recruits were turning in their letter of intents today and I decided that I needed to not be at work while this was happening. It was for the best. I remember last year and nothing productive was done while I was at work because I was trying to pay attention to the activities of signing day. Since I was at home, I decided to document what I was doing and what I was observing on signing day. Below is that documentation. At first, I was all into it. But as you can see by the end of it, I was tired.

7:17: Woke up. Alarm was set at 7:15. Actually go up too! I’m a bit too excited for the day. Did the bathroom thing. Turned on Mike & Mike and saw a QB debate regarding Joe Flacco and others. Rolled my eyes. Is it so hard to wait and see what he’s going to do? Doesn’t Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have ring?

7:27: Changed channel to ESPNU. Now waiting for 7:30. Set up my computer and iPad. Tweetdeck is open and running. Sent out my first tweet of the day.

7:30: Hear Reece Davis and smile. Look up at tv and smile harder. Lou Holtz and Mark May aren’t with him. On twitter see Ohio State’s first commit is Joey Bosa! He’s very punctual.

7: 35: USPS will stop delivering mail on Saturdays! Packages still go 6 days a week though. Sorry, not college football information but twitter is where I get my news.

7:40: Gareon Conley second Buckeye of the day!

7:41: Think about my coffee situation. Don’t have any at home. Give up. Maybe in a little bit I’ll run out.

7:42: Buckeyes #3 & #4 are Evan Lisle & Darron Lee. 

7:44: See tweet from Mark Pantoni of a pic of the fax machine. Its 2013. Can’t we have the LOI’s faxed and sent to our iPads or smartphones? At least email them?

7:45: Robert Nkemdiche (#1 prospect) is at the podium. He’s about to choose between whoever in the SEC. Twitter tells me Ole Miss before he says it. lol. My fault for looking over at Twitter at that time.

7:47: Buckeye #5 is Billy Price. Woo hoo!

7:48: I’m hungry. I don’t think I have anything to snack on. 

7:50: I see on twitter that Jalin Marshall is Buckeye #6. Butler County represent! No one says that. Sorry. I just…he’s from Middletown and I’m from Hamilton and they are in the same county…I’m hungry! 

7:58: Made some toast and strawberry jelly. Trying to listen to Tune In radio on the iPad. Its not giving me any sound. Volume is turned up! Restarting iPad to see what happens. Restarting fixed it. Well then, if at first you don’t succeed, restart!

8:06: Monopoly is getting a new cat piece and twitter is telling me its replacing the iron? What??? That ain’t cool. I love cats but really?

8:12: Turned on College Sports Nation on Sirius XM. Why doesn’t BTN hang out all day with us on signing day?

8:14: ESPNU is still talking about Robert Nkemdiche? 

8:20: See that FCS Central has Texas A&M National Signing Day. Where is my Buckeye version!

8:22: ESPNU is still talking about Robert Nkemdiche. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. He was #1 for a reason but he made his decision almost 45 minutes ago. 

8:27: Les Miles was shown all in his purple garb. 

8:32: pin tab of elevenwarriors.com next to tweetdeck since they now have their live blog. Best buckeye blog in the business!

8:40: Couldn’t wait any longer. Just had some toast and strawberry jelly. 

8:43: The 2013 All Name team was tweeted out from The Solid Verbal. Here you go! I’m upset the asterisks aren’t part of their names.

8:51: See on twitter recruit Trey Johnson is a buckeye! There were rumors of him flipping but he made a great choice. There is a commit that has a child and, honestly, I’d rather him flip and go closer to home so that he can be near his child. I think his name is Jacobs. 

9:25: Urban Meyer on ESPNU now. I may or may not have a huge smile on my face. Waiting on news from James Clark, Vonn Bell, and Ezekiel Elliot. EEK! I will be tuned in to find out. 

9:35: James Clark is a Buckeye!

9:44: Putting up the MacBook and going with the iPad and iPhone. Resting on the bed. I think I got too excited too quickly this morning and wore myself out.

9:51: What is going on with the microphones at these schools? None of them seem to want to work. Someone has to give the kid a new mic when there are at least 5 set up in front of them. 

10:08: BOOM! Vonn Bell is a buckeye. I’m awake again!

10:20: Taivon Jacobs flips from Ohio State to Maryland. This is the one with the child so I’m happy about this. Good for him.

10:36: I think Ohio State is done until 5. We find out about Ezekiel Elliot then. I’m currently watching SBNation’s live stream. Maybe I’ll do laundry soon. Do I want to check out First Take? 

10:40: Turned on first take and they were talking about A-Rod. No thanks. Back to watching SBNation’s live stream.

11:21: Reading up on articles regarding what’s happened so far on signing day. Yes, I’m a bit redundant since I’ve pretty much been paying attention all morning.

12:32: Playing some Pixel People. Have you found this game yet? It’s pretty addicting. 

12:51: Lunch time!

12:55: Breaking! A mother has “borrowed” her son’s letter of intent because she does not want him to go to the school he was going to sign with. You can’t make this stuff up

1:30: Getting ready to listen to Urban Meyer on ESPN radio. Also, when I stop lying down, I’m gonna do a load of laundry. 

2:02: Still about an hour away from BTN’s signing day coverage. Maybe I’ll check their website for more big ten info since its not being shown on TV yet. I don’t like being patient. 

2:13: About to pull up netflix on the iPad and have the signing day coverage in the background. Multitasking!

3:04: BTN finally shows up on signing day. Started off talking Buckeyes in the beginning of the show. So excited for this class. Elliot still yet to make his decision. Eek!

5:05: Elliot is a Buckeye! Yes!

And that is where my log ended. Also, that’s when I actually did my laundry. It was one of those days 

Things I Should Be Doing…

Thursday nights have become my “look for a new handbag” night the last few weeks. I’m not sure why. Actually, yes I am. I want a new bag! I just can’t decide which one I want. I’ll usually eye one throughout the night and think about purchasing it but get distracted by television. Then Friday morning comes around and I still don’t have a new bag. Above is the current one I’m eyeing. I don’t have a Kate Spade bag yet and I need something that pretty much fits my whole life. Yep. I’m one of those that carries everything with her. Also, the fact that there is a hashtag on this bag makes it a need on my list.

There are other things I could be doing right now besides looking for a new bag. Like editing my sister’s book. Yes, my sister has written a book and she has put her trust in me to edit it. I actually like editing. No red ink though. I’m using purple while I edit it on my iPad. I’ll edit after I finish this post.

So Apple has taken over my life. I’m typing on a MacBook, my phone is an iPhone, I have an iPod Classic somewhere in my apartment, the iPad has tried to kidnap me from this here MacBook, and I now have an Apple TV. I don’t know what happened. I was always a reasonable person. Its not like I’ve always had Apple Products; the 4s is my first iPhone. Before that I had a Palm Centro, Blackberry Curve, and HTC EVO. I had a Dell before the MacBook. I had a Sansa something before the iPod and a Roku before the Apple TV. I like the Roku and still have it. Airplay is really nice though.

Now I’m just rambling. I seem to do that without college football in my life. Sigh…I miss it. I miss it so much that I took a vacation day for National Signing Day. Next Wednesday I will be at home, hanging out on twitter and watching all the high school seniors tell us where they will be going to school to play football. I’m not getting paid to do this. This is some kind of entertainment for me. When I write it down, it seems a bit…I don’t know…weird. Oh well, I’ll be that! This reminds me though that I need to schedule off for the first week of March Madness.

How I Won Fantasy Football

Back in September I made a video detailing how I hated fantasy football. How I declared that this was the last year I would play fantasy football. If you don’t remember that video, I’ve added it below.

Well I would like to announce (on this blog that is. I’ve said it a bunch of times on twitter) that I actually won the twitter fantasy football league created by +John Davis. How did I win? Well there are certain things you have to understand to win your fantasy football league. The most important thing to understand is…hahaha. I’m just kidding. A few months ago I hated fantasy football because I sucked at it. I would say I won because of the luck of the draw. The players I had got hot at the right time. I would compare my fantasy team this year to last years NY Giants. 
Here’s my roster at the end of the season. I’ve changed players a few times but I can’t really remember the players I cut. I do remember adding Alfred Morris though which was a great thing for me. 
QB: Eli Manning & Tony Romo
RB: Adrian Peterson & Alfred Morris & Trent Richardson & Vick Ballard
WR: Calvin Johnson & Dez Bryant & Justin Blackmon
TE: Jermaine Gresham & Martellus Bennett
Defense: 49ers
K: Matt Prater (had Mike Nugent all season until he got hurt)
My record was 7-6. Coming into week 10 I was 3-6. I lost weeks 7, 8, and 9 and I wasn’t too happy about it. Then the winning streak began. Then 159 points during Thanksgiving weekend happened. I had 90 something points on Thanksgiving day alone! Then Ohio State beat Michigan. Oh…that doesn’t have to do with fantasy football? Oops 🙂 Then I had to win the last regular season game just to make the playoffs. 
What I’ve learned is to win fantasy football, just have the players on your team that are gonna get hot at the right time. I’m sure that’s easy, right?
Now I know in the video I said I was not going to play next year but I feel like they will make me so that they can “beat the champ”. So I guess I’m at least playing one more year. I better at least make the championship game. Then I could get there 3 years in a row. Come to think of it, maybe I don’t suck at fantasy football as much as I think. At least until next September.

Holiday Gift Guide For The Female Sports Fan

iPad Mini (


) / SkullCandy Kevin Durant Hesh Headphones (


) / Toms Ohio State University Women’s Campus Classic (


) / KE Specialties New Orleans Saints Team Colors Nail Polish Set (


) / SkullCandy Lakers Ink’d earbuds (


) / Nike Women’s NFL Jersey (


) / Women’s Game Time Watch (


) / Aggies iPhone 5 Argyle Case (


) / State Necklace (



Why is an iPad mini on this list? Besides the fact that this girl wants one? Well, it is perfect to watch sports on. You have the WatchESPN app, the Big Ten Network app, and there is also a Pac12 app if that is your conference of choice. Any of these gifts would be great ones for the female sports fan. I’m currently looking for an argyle Ohio State iPhone case like the one above. If you see any, please let me know.

What’s In My Bag?

Ever sit around on a Saturday, bored without college football, and find yourself watching certain YouTube videos? Well, I have. And these certain videos are the

What’s in My Bag/Purse videos

. I can’t help but to watch them. They are very addicting. I don’t know why I care what is in these girls bags but I do. Its entertainment and I guess I could call it a guilty pleasure.

In honor of these videos, I’ve decided to add a blog post discussing what’s in my bag. Why? Maybe I’m bored. Maybe I might be procrastinating that essay I wanted to work on. Maybe you might be interested. I don’t know but how about we just get into it.

So here is my bag. Isn’t she pretty! A Deux Lux Felix Duffle in medium. I received her from Gilt a few weeks ago and was so happy I decided to get her. I’ve been wanting a new black bag for a while and I love the gold sequins on the bottom. Oh and of course I love that I got this bag on sale.

The contents of my bag. 

iPhone, Vera Bradley tech case, iBeats head phones, work keys, work badge, gum, keys, Nook, planner (I need it!), wallet, business cards, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, pouch with chargers, Dooney pouch with feminine products, and pen case.

Yes, this looks a bit neat but while the stuff is inside my bag, it can get a bit messy. I’m surprised I didn’t find a bunch of receipts while taking the stuff out of my bag but I’m guessing they are all in my wallet.

About that wallet. I have THE wallet. Its the Hobo International Lauren Clutch and I adore it. And it was on sale when I bought it so win for me! I’ve had it for over a year and have thought about getting a new wallet but I don’t know if I will appreciate another wallet as much as this one. Maybe I’ll just get another one of these just in a different color. Oh! Maybe red.

These are the sunglasses I’ve been using at the moment. They are a pair of Coach aviators. I’ll be honest. I own one Coach bag and I think that purchase was a mistake. I’m not a big fan of their bags. I do however like their wallets, wristlets, and sunglasses. On the right you will find my Nook Touch and my headphones. Two things I would not know what I would do without. Well, I guess I would be fine without the Nook Touch being that I had the original Nook before (well still have). Oh and I also got the Nook Tablet. I like buying Nooks if you don’t know. I’m a fan of the Beats headphones too. I go through headphones quickly so earlier this year I decided I needed to spend money on them. They’ve been a good investment so far.

And this is my monogrammed cosmetic bag. It was a gift and I love it! Now I don’t really carry around makeup with me. But I do however hoard lipgloss and lotion. In this photo there are only 3 lotions because I decided that the other 2 I was carrying in my bag needed to not be in my bag. I have my mirror, nail file, cvs branded stain stick, hand sanitizer, 7 lip balms, and 2 lip glosses. 

So there you have it. All that is in my bag. I thought about doing a VEDA vlog but thought it would be more fun to make it a blog post. Now tell me. What is in you bag? And I definitely think my friend Lacie needs to let us know what is in hers.

I Was Attacked by a Mannequin

I don’t remember how old I was but I’m pretty sure I was around the age in this picture. Also, my hair was really frizzy!

When I was younger, I went to the mall with my mom and grandma. We were at McAlpins (the name of a department store before Dillards took over). This was not the time I was at the mall and walked up to a sales lady and said “my mom is lost”. I think we were at Sears then. This was the time I got in a fight with a mannequin and it won. Well, I’m guessing that it won. Ever blacked out at a very young age? Well I have. All I remember is that I was standing in front of a mannequin. Then, the next thing I knew I was on the floor and the mannequin was on top of me.

Now, I remember being a young age and wondering if mannequins were real. I thought it would have been so cool. Get to fake everyone out and pretend that you’re plastic and then at night you run around the store and play with everything. I’m starting to think this was around the same time that the movie Mannequin came out. IMDB says that movie was released in 1987. I’m not sure when it came to HBO but I remember watching it almost every time it came on. She got to play with all those clothes, she got the guy, and she got everything she wanted. I need to find out if this movie is on Netflix.

I remember the mannequin was wearing this dress. Purple dress, maybe? Also had a hat on. It was a really pretty dress. It got my attention. There is a chance I could have tugged on the dress and that is how it happened. Like I said though, I blacked out. Or, maybe the mannequin bashed my head made me hit my head. I don’t know how long I was under it. It could have been days! Ok, not days. I was at the mall with my family. They would have never left me there that long. Although, I do remember the story of my grandma forgetting my mom at Kmart when she was young. She had 3 other kids to deal with though. I don’t have kids but I’m thinking that 4 would be a handful. Don’t forget your kids at stores though people. This blog need not to be your excuse!

Anyway, I was attacked by a mannequin when I was a child and I will never forget it. When I go to the mall now, I do not spend a lot of time near mannequins. Not that I think they are alive. I’m just keeping myself safe.

My Favorite Things!

Hello! It’s me, Cherie. Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to my blog.

This is just my personal blog. Which is awesome because I can talk about anything! You might see a blog post about Ohio State and then the next one in regards to Doctor Who. All I know is I like to write and I miss blogging. So here I am!

Now if you don’t know me, feel free to click on my about me page to get to know a little about me. There is a list on that page of some of my all time favorite things. I don’t think that is enough though. I am going to make it a point of a doing a list of my favorite things each month…starting now. It is a random list that may not have the same categories each month. But that is what makes this fun!

Favorite App: Path. It just got a new update and I’m really enjoying it. Now I can check into movies and books and not just music. This is an app that I want to use with all of my close friends. If only they would download it. They have to trust me. They will like it. I would not steer them wrong. Oh and new users can import their Facebook status updates into Path. AND you can post to facebook, twitter, tumblr, and foursquare through the app. Its pretty cool.

Favorite Summer TV Show: LA Complex. Oh the CW, how you make me watch your channel. I do like this show though and would watch it if it were on a different channel. I was happy it came back this summer because it felt like a summer show anyway when they premiered it back in April (?). The show is about a group of young actors, writers, musicians all living in a…wait for it…LA Complex.

Favorite YouTuber: DailyGrace. This was hard because I started to enjoy Black Nerd Comedy‘s videos as well recently. I can get my nerd on with his videos. I just started making YouTube videos (just my little take on the sports world) and I wanted to find some new channels to watch. When I came across DailyGrace, I knew this channel was right for me. She makes daily videos and she is hilarious. She teaches you things (sometimes wrong but who cares) and did I mention she’s hilarious? Also like JRSportBrief. His sports videos are informative and cool. And every once in a while you might see an athlete standing next to him.

So there you go. A few of my favorite things from July.

How I stay social

If you know me you know that I have two loves: sports and twitter social media. But being that there are so many different social networks out there, its hard sometimes to figure out how to incorporate these networks into your life. So I’ve decided I will share how I use some of these networks.

Twitter. This is my favorite. I’ve been using Twitter since 2007 and fell in love the moment I sent out my first 140 character tweet. If I was told I could only use one social network for the rest of my life it would be this one. I use Twitter to say hi to the world. I use Twitter to talk to friends during sporting events (#gobucks is a favorite hashtag of mine). I’ve met some really cool people on Twitter and actually talk to some of these people outside of the social network. I use Twitter to get my news. Seriously. I don’t watch the news, I go to Twitter instead.

Facebook. My favorite thing about Facebook is the messenger app. Oh and that I can use Facebook to sign up for other social networks by using Facebook Connect. Its not my favorite but I use it since most of my friends and family use it. I was actually just looking at my Facebook timeline and noticed that mostly everything on there is from a different social network. I barely even put pics on Facebook anymore because they go to Flickr and Flickr lets Facebook know I’ve added a new pic. So I guess I use Facebook to show how I use all the other social networks. And to chat with friends through messenger.

Path. Oh how I love Path. Slowly but surely I will get my friends to use Path. I got them to use Twitter so this will happen. Path calls itself a smart journal and I agree. And the interface is pretty awesome. It is an app for your friends and family or people that you actually talk to. Yes, some people use Facebook for people they actually talk to but some (like me) befriended people that they went to high school that they don’t remember or people from their hometown they barely spoke to when they were there. Of course you could just go through your friend list and delete these people. I don’t feel like doing that. I friended them there. Whatever goes on Facebook, they will see. And yes, I can post through Path to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. Most of the time though what I put on Path, only goes on Path. So I use Path for pics, notes, what I’m listening to at the moment, where I am, etc. Path just might actually be my journal.

Instagram. Since I got the iPhone over a month ago, I had to download this app and see what all the fuss was about. And yes I am hooked. Most of the pics I take with my phone go through instagram (Some only go through Path). Then I share that pic to twitter and/or flickr, tumblr, and foursquare. But instagram is not just for sharing. Its a social network too. I check out the pics of the people I follow, comment, like, and check out hashtags. I’m hoping the Android app comes soon so that my friends can use it. And yes, you will like it.

Google+. Oh the one that doesn’t get used. At least that is what the experts say. Well, in my experience with google+, a lot of people use it. My stream is always moving. All day. Every day. There is always a tab open on my browser to google+. I get a lot of the news I don’t get from Twitter from google+. I rarely use googlereader anymore. This is also a good place to meet new people like twitter. And then some of these people can be added to my Path since I do talk to them everyday.

These are the networks I use most often. There are new ones that I think about trying like mobli and I also use Pinterest to pin things I want or have. So what about you? Do you use anything different? Are there any networks I should try?