Hello College Football! I Have Questions.

Welcome to the beginning of the college football season version 2014. Are we thrilled? I’m thrilled. More than thrilled. I wanted to use a word that wasn’t excited and I thought of thrilled. Anyway…

With football finally back, and everyone stating their predictions, I have some questions. Questions are better than predictions right? I’m going to only ask 5.

1) Are people picking Michigan State to beat Oregon?
I ask this question because I see people putting Sparty in the new 4 team playoff. Does this mean they think Sparty will beat Oregon or did they forget that game exist? I’m all for them thinking Sparty will win. Or maybe they think that will be their only loss and since its early it won’t affect them as much. I’m not sure. Therefore, I asked.

2) If the SEC Champion has 2 or more losses, will they go to the playoff?
The SEC is THAT conference whether we like it or not. I ask this question because I can. It is my blog after all. Let’s look at this scenario. SEC West team (Auburn/Alabama/LSU) is undefeated going into the SEC championship game and the get upset by let’s say South Carolina who has 2 losses. How will that work in the playoff?

3) Are people really high on Michigan?
Ever since we found out that Braxton Miller would be out for the season, I’ve seen people picking Michigan to win the Big Ten. I’ve even seen some pick Michigan to make the playoff. As a Buckeye fan, this next sentence might make me seem like a hater (Whatever). ARE THEY SERIOUS? The Big Ten title? Possibly. Anything can happen really. But a playoff spot? The people chosing Michigan here must think they’ll go undefeated. Michigan is currently not ranked. They would have to beat ND, Ohio State, and Michigan State on the road. I’m guessing these people that are betting on this think both Ohio State and Michigan State will have down years: Ohio State without Braxton and Sparty going back to being “Sparty NO!”. In those cases, Michigan’s schedule does not look great at all. How does that get them to the playoff?

4) Who seriously is going to win the PAC 12?
But seriously who? Oregon? UCLA? Stanford? Hell, is it USC? I feel like this conference will be fun this year. Let’s stay up and watch. Unless you’re on the west coast and you don’t have to stay up to see some of these games. If you are on the west coast, do you get up to watch Game Day?

5) Every week will be awesome, right?
Awesome as in Ohio State will win all the time. Right? RIGHT? I’ll take awesome games week in and week out too.

Thank you for coming back to us, college football. You are so awesome for it. I will not take you for granted.

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I am a writer and front end developer living in Central Ohio. I love to read and decided to start making YouTube videos about the books that I read.

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