How Stephanie Perkins is Awesome — Book Review

How do I begin with all of this adorableness? We’ll do one book at a time. I was going to wait to review all of them when I got Isla in my hands. But I finished Lola this past week and my goodness, I wanted to rave about it.

 Short Summary :
Anna Oliphant is about to start her senior year of high school. Unfortunately, for her, that year will be spent at The School of America in Paris. She’s never been to France. She doesn’t speak the language. This wasn’t her idea. She’s going here because her father, a novelist, wants to show his friends how cultured he is. She will be leaving behind her best friend, her mom and little brother, her job at the movie theater, and her new crush that was just turning into something. On her first night in her dorm room, she panics and starts crying. Her neighbor hears her cries and this is when Anna meets Meredith. And through Meredith she makes other friends. She meets Josh, Rashmi, and Etienne St. Clair. She learns a lot about Paris, herself, and her true feelings for a certain good friend.

Short Summary
Lola Nolan has 3 wishes.
1) To attend the winter formal.
2) Her fathers to approve of her boyfriend Max.
3) To never ever see the Bell twins again.

Wish 3 does not come true for her when the Bell twins move back to town. This changes her world when she finds out the true feelings of Cricket Bell. Yes, she has a boyfriend, but this is Cricket Bell. Her first love. She must trust herself in learning her true feelings about Cricket as well as whether she should get close to her birth mother who makes an appearance into her life again.

LOVE! I loved these books. Anna and Lola’s stories were so adorable. The boys they fall in love with were just as adorable. How they became friends first instead of jumping down each other’s throats was refreshing. I did smile throughout both of these books, but there were some parts that made me smile even harder. When Anna got the girl scout cookies, I about screamed. Figure skating being apart of Lola’s life (I love figure skating). These are quick, cute, adorable, made of sunshine books that will keep a smile on your face. Highly recommended. Especially if a book hangover is involved. These will cheer you up.

I will be getting the next book (Isla) the day it comes out.

Anna and the French Kiss: 4.5/5
Lola and the Boy Next Door: 4.5/5



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