Happy New Year everyone! We are a few days into 2014. My Buckeye football team lost their bowl game, but there is no love lost. They played their hearts out and I love them for it. Who am I kidding. I would still love them if they were just standing there watching the game instead of making plays. Its recruiting season now. That reminds me, I need to request off recruiting day. This will be the second year in a row I would be taking that day off. Its a rather entertaining day. I need to make a reminder for myself to look up when it is. 

Since it is the beginning of a new year, it is resolution time. I actually hadn’t thought about any resolutions before last year ended. I was too busy New Years Eve drinking hot cocoa, watching the ball drop, and trying to decipher if it was fireworks or gun shots I was hearing. Turned out to be fireworks in downtown Columbus. They were too low to take pictures of though. Lame. But now its time to make some resolutions. Now these are going to be resolutions that I believe I might actually be able to keep for the first half of this year. Making resolutions for the whole year right now just seems a bit too much for me. To much of a commitment. We’ll start with 6 months and see how it goes.

1. Read more books!
Last year, I didn’t read as many books as I wanted. That will change this year. I’m just going to read and read and read. I’ll make sure to blog about all of my happy reading.

2. Finish this novel and start my next one.
I’m excited about my writing right now. I actually haven’t been this excited about my writing before. Maybe that’s a good sign that I will actually finish something.

3. Blog more.
My blogging for the last few years has been abysmal. Seriously, I used to blog all the time. This won’t be an everyday blog. I can’t promise that. That promise would mostly get broken on the first day. I might even start vlogging again. Maybe. Possibly. If I do, you’ll know all about it on this site.

4. Stop threatening to throw furniture/electronics during games. 
I would have to say I’ve gotten better at this while I’m watching my favorite teams. I used to threaten throwing my computer out the window. Now I just give it a stern look. I will continue getting better. 

Published by cdlampley

I am a writer and front end developer living in Central Ohio. I love to read and decided to start making YouTube videos about the books that I read.

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