2013 Favorites

Happy New Year everyone! Well, its not the new year as of yet, but it will be soon. Very soon. I’ve been writing and writing and writing my novel. Haven’t given up on it. Still plugging away at my story. I didn’t get to 50,000 words with Nanowrimo. But I am continuing that story. In a different way though. Have multiple POVs now and changed to third person.

I’ll get back to working on this novel in a few. Even though its New Years Eve, I need to stick to my goal and get some writing done. But for now, I figured I’d come to my blog and talk about some of my favorite things from 2013. My favorite sports teams haven’t, and won’t, change so there is that (Go Bucks! Go Reds! and Who Dey!).

Favorite Book: The Night Circus
I know I’m late but I FINALLY read this book this year. Well, I listened to the audiobook. That counts though, right? I believe I downloaded the audiobook from Audible over a year ago but I never got around listening to it until this year. I also ended up getting the ebook because I wanted to re-read it in case I missed anything. I listened to this audiobook while I was at work mostly and I’ve re-listened too.
Honorable Mention: This is bad. I didn’t read that many books this past year but I plan to read a lot more next year. I promise. I will even do some sort of “book report” on this blog of the books I buy and read. I’m currently reading The Whole Golden World by Kristina Riggle. I will have my report once I’m finished.

Favorite Song: Royals by Lorde
I love this song. LOVE. This song, as well as her album, makes me feel like I’m sitting on the bus heading across the river to the west side in my hometown to the high school. I’ve listened to her album a lot. Especially while writing.
Honorable Mention: Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake. I’ve never been the biggest Drake fan. When I first heard this song I found myself bobbin to it. And then downloading it. Then dancing.

Favorite Album: Pure Heroine by Lorde
This is my novels fault, mostly. Like I said, I’ve listened to this album a lot. Its kind of some sort of a muse for this novel that I’m writing. Especially the song Team.
Honorable Mention: has to go to Beyonce. Been listening to that a lot as of late and I can’t find a song I don’t like. I can find a bunch of songs that I love. I also liked Chrisette Michele, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and Janelle Monae’s albums.

Surprised I liked this Artist’s Music: One Direction
Seriously though, Midnight Memories is actually pretty good. Now I am in no way a directioner (?). I tried to listen to some of there older stuff and it didn’t work out so well. When I heard Story of My Life I was like, “Oh. I like that song.” Then I continued to listen to it and said, “Well then. This song is pretty great.” Then the album came out and it ended up on my iPhone. And it is still there. Little Black Dress is a nice song.
Honorable Mention: would go to Justin Bieber. I’m definitely surprised that his new music is on my phone.

Favorite Movie: Catching Fire
Went to the movie theater to see, I believe, 3 movies this past year. I think it was 3. It was definitely less than 5. The reason? The movie theater that I usually go to shut down for remodeling right before the summer. I know, right? How do you shut down a movie theater right before the summer? They apparently got new ownership and were supposed to have open back up at the end of August. They will actually re-open this upcoming January. I hope they didn’t ruin my favorite theater. I saw Catching Fire right before Thanksgiving and I enjoyed it very much. Liked it better than the first movie. Some people didn’t like the first one but I did. I really liked it.
Honorable Mention: Man of Steel.

Favorite TV Show: Sleepy Hollow.
I was excited when I found out about this show but skeptical that Fox would keep it because this is network TV after all and they don’t like letting things breath for some reason. So the next morning after I watched the first episode, I went straight to EW.com to make sure that other people watched it with me. And I found out they did. Yay!
onorable Mention: Doctor Who. I love this show. Love it so much. Last years Christmas special was great but the beginning of the second half of series 7 was okay. The finale, 50th, and this years Christmas special did their job though. They definitely did their job. Can’t wait until series 8 and more of our new doctor.

Favorite Social Network: Twitter
I don’t know if this will ever change. I love Twitter. I love it a lot. I love it so so much. It is my favorite. Come hang out with me there! @thesportsdiva.
onorable Mention: Tumblr. I love going on here and finding just about anything. Especially following along during Doctor Who.

Favorite Video Game: GTA V
I never finish video games. Actually, that is a lie. It takes me forever to finish video games. Maybe that will change one day but I’m not in any hurry to change that. I haven’t finished GTA V. I haven’t finished Bioshock Infinite. I blame the part I’m stuck on for not finishing Bioshock. I blame the open worldliness for why I haven’t finished GTA V. I’m having too much fun running from the cops! And doing all the other things I can’t do in real life. I haven’t played it in a while since I started on my novel but I may have to spare an hour at least this weekend. I need to get these guys into more trouble.
Honorable Mention: Bioshock Infinite. Now if only I can get passed the part I got stuck on. Its been a while, I don’t really remember how to play. One day I’ll pick it back up and play.

Favorite Youtuber: DailyGrace (Grace Helbig)
She’s pretty great. I think it was last year when I said she was my favorite youtuber and that hasn’t changed. She makes me laugh and continue to laugh. My favorite is when she teaches us how to cook.
Honorable Mention: iJustine. I have to say, I’ve been watching her videos for years and I haven’t gotten bored. I also watched her show on AOL this year. It might help that she’s dating a Buckeye and all but she’s pretty entertaining. Her cooking videos are becoming a fave of mine as well. Although, I wouldn’t eat anything she makes.

That is that! Now everyone have a Happy New Year. And I will leave you with my favorite Carlos Hyde (Ohio State running back) moment of 2013.

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