Signing Day Diary!

Wednesday was National Signing Day for college football. Recruits were turning in their letter of intents today and I decided that I needed to not be at work while this was happening. It was for the best. I remember last year and nothing productive was done while I was at work because I was trying to pay attention to the activities of signing day. Since I was at home, I decided to document what I was doing and what I was observing on signing day. Below is that documentation. At first, I was all into it. But as you can see by the end of it, I was tired.

7:17: Woke up. Alarm was set at 7:15. Actually go up too! I’m a bit too excited for the day. Did the bathroom thing. Turned on Mike & Mike and saw a QB debate regarding Joe Flacco and others. Rolled my eyes. Is it so hard to wait and see what he’s going to do? Doesn’t Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have ring?

7:27: Changed channel to ESPNU. Now waiting for 7:30. Set up my computer and iPad. Tweetdeck is open and running. Sent out my first tweet of the day.

7:30: Hear Reece Davis and smile. Look up at tv and smile harder. Lou Holtz and Mark May aren’t with him. On twitter see Ohio State’s first commit is Joey Bosa! He’s very punctual.

7: 35: USPS will stop delivering mail on Saturdays! Packages still go 6 days a week though. Sorry, not college football information but twitter is where I get my news.

7:40: Gareon Conley second Buckeye of the day!

7:41: Think about my coffee situation. Don’t have any at home. Give up. Maybe in a little bit I’ll run out.

7:42: Buckeyes #3 & #4 are Evan Lisle & Darron Lee. 

7:44: See tweet from Mark Pantoni of a pic of the fax machine. Its 2013. Can’t we have the LOI’s faxed and sent to our iPads or smartphones? At least email them?

7:45: Robert Nkemdiche (#1 prospect) is at the podium. He’s about to choose between whoever in the SEC. Twitter tells me Ole Miss before he says it. lol. My fault for looking over at Twitter at that time.

7:47: Buckeye #5 is Billy Price. Woo hoo!

7:48: I’m hungry. I don’t think I have anything to snack on. 

7:50: I see on twitter that Jalin Marshall is Buckeye #6. Butler County represent! No one says that. Sorry. I just…he’s from Middletown and I’m from Hamilton and they are in the same county…I’m hungry! 

7:58: Made some toast and strawberry jelly. Trying to listen to Tune In radio on the iPad. Its not giving me any sound. Volume is turned up! Restarting iPad to see what happens. Restarting fixed it. Well then, if at first you don’t succeed, restart!

8:06: Monopoly is getting a new cat piece and twitter is telling me its replacing the iron? What??? That ain’t cool. I love cats but really?

8:12: Turned on College Sports Nation on Sirius XM. Why doesn’t BTN hang out all day with us on signing day?

8:14: ESPNU is still talking about Robert Nkemdiche? 

8:20: See that FCS Central has Texas A&M National Signing Day. Where is my Buckeye version!

8:22: ESPNU is still talking about Robert Nkemdiche. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. He was #1 for a reason but he made his decision almost 45 minutes ago. 

8:27: Les Miles was shown all in his purple garb. 

8:32: pin tab of next to tweetdeck since they now have their live blog. Best buckeye blog in the business!

8:40: Couldn’t wait any longer. Just had some toast and strawberry jelly. 

8:43: The 2013 All Name team was tweeted out from The Solid Verbal. Here you go! I’m upset the asterisks aren’t part of their names.

8:51: See on twitter recruit Trey Johnson is a buckeye! There were rumors of him flipping but he made a great choice. There is a commit that has a child and, honestly, I’d rather him flip and go closer to home so that he can be near his child. I think his name is Jacobs. 

9:25: Urban Meyer on ESPNU now. I may or may not have a huge smile on my face. Waiting on news from James Clark, Vonn Bell, and Ezekiel Elliot. EEK! I will be tuned in to find out. 

9:35: James Clark is a Buckeye!

9:44: Putting up the MacBook and going with the iPad and iPhone. Resting on the bed. I think I got too excited too quickly this morning and wore myself out.

9:51: What is going on with the microphones at these schools? None of them seem to want to work. Someone has to give the kid a new mic when there are at least 5 set up in front of them. 

10:08: BOOM! Vonn Bell is a buckeye. I’m awake again!

10:20: Taivon Jacobs flips from Ohio State to Maryland. This is the one with the child so I’m happy about this. Good for him.

10:36: I think Ohio State is done until 5. We find out about Ezekiel Elliot then. I’m currently watching SBNation’s live stream. Maybe I’ll do laundry soon. Do I want to check out First Take? 

10:40: Turned on first take and they were talking about A-Rod. No thanks. Back to watching SBNation’s live stream.

11:21: Reading up on articles regarding what’s happened so far on signing day. Yes, I’m a bit redundant since I’ve pretty much been paying attention all morning.

12:32: Playing some Pixel People. Have you found this game yet? It’s pretty addicting. 

12:51: Lunch time!

12:55: Breaking! A mother has “borrowed” her son’s letter of intent because she does not want him to go to the school he was going to sign with. You can’t make this stuff up

1:30: Getting ready to listen to Urban Meyer on ESPN radio. Also, when I stop lying down, I’m gonna do a load of laundry. 

2:02: Still about an hour away from BTN’s signing day coverage. Maybe I’ll check their website for more big ten info since its not being shown on TV yet. I don’t like being patient. 

2:13: About to pull up netflix on the iPad and have the signing day coverage in the background. Multitasking!

3:04: BTN finally shows up on signing day. Started off talking Buckeyes in the beginning of the show. So excited for this class. Elliot still yet to make his decision. Eek!

5:05: Elliot is a Buckeye! Yes!

And that is where my log ended. Also, that’s when I actually did my laundry. It was one of those days 

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