What’s In My Bag?

Ever sit around on a Saturday, bored without college football, and find yourself watching certain YouTube videos? Well, I have. And these certain videos are the

What’s in My Bag/Purse videos

. I can’t help but to watch them. They are very addicting. I don’t know why I care what is in these girls bags but I do. Its entertainment and I guess I could call it a guilty pleasure.

In honor of these videos, I’ve decided to add a blog post discussing what’s in my bag. Why? Maybe I’m bored. Maybe I might be procrastinating that essay I wanted to work on. Maybe you might be interested. I don’t know but how about we just get into it.

So here is my bag. Isn’t she pretty! A Deux Lux Felix Duffle in medium. I received her from Gilt a few weeks ago and was so happy I decided to get her. I’ve been wanting a new black bag for a while and I love the gold sequins on the bottom. Oh and of course I love that I got this bag on sale.

The contents of my bag. 

iPhone, Vera Bradley tech case, iBeats head phones, work keys, work badge, gum, keys, Nook, planner (I need it!), wallet, business cards, cosmetic bag, sunglasses, pouch with chargers, Dooney pouch with feminine products, and pen case.

Yes, this looks a bit neat but while the stuff is inside my bag, it can get a bit messy. I’m surprised I didn’t find a bunch of receipts while taking the stuff out of my bag but I’m guessing they are all in my wallet.

About that wallet. I have THE wallet. Its the Hobo International Lauren Clutch and I adore it. And it was on sale when I bought it so win for me! I’ve had it for over a year and have thought about getting a new wallet but I don’t know if I will appreciate another wallet as much as this one. Maybe I’ll just get another one of these just in a different color. Oh! Maybe red.

These are the sunglasses I’ve been using at the moment. They are a pair of Coach aviators. I’ll be honest. I own one Coach bag and I think that purchase was a mistake. I’m not a big fan of their bags. I do however like their wallets, wristlets, and sunglasses. On the right you will find my Nook Touch and my headphones. Two things I would not know what I would do without. Well, I guess I would be fine without the Nook Touch being that I had the original Nook before (well still have). Oh and I also got the Nook Tablet. I like buying Nooks if you don’t know. I’m a fan of the Beats headphones too. I go through headphones quickly so earlier this year I decided I needed to spend money on them. They’ve been a good investment so far.

And this is my monogrammed cosmetic bag. It was a gift and I love it! Now I don’t really carry around makeup with me. But I do however hoard lipgloss and lotion. In this photo there are only 3 lotions because I decided that the other 2 I was carrying in my bag needed to not be in my bag. I have my mirror, nail file, cvs branded stain stick, hand sanitizer, 7 lip balms, and 2 lip glosses. 

So there you have it. All that is in my bag. I thought about doing a VEDA vlog but thought it would be more fun to make it a blog post. Now tell me. What is in you bag? And I definitely think my friend Lacie needs to let us know what is in hers.

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I am a writer and front end developer living in Central Ohio. I love to read and decided to start making YouTube videos about the books that I read.

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