Looking into the Diva’s Guide To Sports Archives

I was watching the Cavs game today (they won but not the way I would have liked them too) and I thought it would be a good idea to bring back another one of my Diva’s Guide To Sports columns I had written in the past. Happy reading 🙂

Supporting Your State

I grew up in Hamilton, Ohio; a small city between Dayton and Cincinnati. Because of geography I became a Reds fan and because of my dad a Bengals fan. Unfortunately I did not have an NBA team in the area to root for. I wasn’t around in the Cincinnati Royals era and no I don’t root for the Sacramento Kings.
In living in this area, I developed a HATE for all that is Cleveland sports. I don’t even know how it happened. All I knew was every time a Cleveland team lost a huge smile spread across my face. I made fun of all Cleveland sports fans. I know you may be wondering what right I had being a Cincinnati fan. Didn’t they do it right back to me? Not as much as expected. And when it was done, it wasn’t clever enough to hurt me. Besides, I’m the type of person to crack on something I care about before anyone else can. So I took all the stingers away from them.
So years went by and the hater in me kept on hating. Then 2007 happened. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals. I talked to my dad and he was happy. What? The biggest Cincy sports fan I know was happy that a Cleveland team might win a championship? I was confused. All that I knew I couldn’t understand anymore. Then I thought that maybe my dad is supporting this because they are the only NBA team in the state. So if he could do it, why couldn’t I? And that began my obsession with Boobie Gibson. We’ll talk about that some other time. Back to the whole Cleveland thing….
Later in 2007 when the Indians were in the playoffs, my dad rooted for them. Then when the Browns lost one of their games, I talked to my dad and he was upset over it. This was mind-boggling. What in all that is Cincy was he doing rooting for these teams? But then I started thinking. My dad rooted for Ohio State. He’s a UC fan. I don’t think he did it just for me since I live up here. He did it because Ohio State is in Ohio. He waved his Ohio flag when it came to sports. If my dad could do it, couldn’t I? I already rooted for other Ohio colleges so why couldn’t I root for other Ohio professional teams. I thought it over and over. It was a hard decision for me to give up all that hate from all those years but I decided to give it a try. No I don’t love Cleveland teams but I decided to not hate them either. When they were in the playoffs I will be supporting them; as long as they are not playing against a team from Cincinnati. If it’s good enough for my dad it’s good enough for me. And the more I can scream O-H-I-O the better life will be.

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