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Here is one of my Diva’s Guide to Sports columns I use to write on The Sports Diva Magazine. I’m thinking of bringing it back. Here of course. I should have re-posted this a few weeks ago after what occurred but it still lingers. Oh and I just posted an item about that occurrence over on ColumbusSports.com. And with that and below, I close that chapter. Happy reading:

Diva’s Guide To Sports: Surviving Heartache

We’ve all experienced it. I’m not sure which is worse: when a boy breaks your heart or when your favorite team loses a very important game (like a championship). Comparing the 2 too extreme? Well, at least it wasn’t compared to death.

I’ve experienced this a lot recently. The 2007 BCS championship game. The 2007 NCAA Tournament Final. The 2008 BCS championship game. Luckily the Reds and Bengals didn’t make it to their championships and lose, it might have sent me to the looney bin. And yes it was great for my favorite teams to reach these games but is 2nd place enough? There is only one winner, right?

I still remember the day that Ohio State lost to Florida in the NCAA Tournament Final. I left campus, came home, turned on the TV and the tears came. I was so sad over that loss. You might wonder if I cried over the BCS title losses. The first one I just went to bed and decided that as much as I loved them, they did not deserve one tear. The second, I just laughed. All I could do was laugh. Oh, and I thought about starting ohandnine.com but thought it was just too mean. But let them lose to an SEC team again this year. ohandten.com just might happen. But back to the basketball game. I was upset. I felt for that team. I was sad for them. I wanted so much for that team to win a championship. I knew for one that the team would not be the same the next year without Oden (oh and then Conley decided to leave early later). I also wanted to experience an Ohio State basketball championship in my lifetime. It’s been 48 years since the last time they’ve won their one and only championship. I at least saw the football team win theirs 5 years ago. I just wanted so much to see the basketball team win theirs too. But I survived. How? After the few tears were shed, I went to bed and woke up the next day thinking about next year. Some of the players wouldn’t be back but the anticipation to see if they could make another run with different players made me excited again. So my tip for all: There’s always next year. Whether your team had a great season but came up short or had a horrible season and came no where near the post season, there’s always next year. Cleveland sports fans know what I’m talking about. Some have a site dedicated to that notion. WaitingForNextYear.com.

After your favorite team loses, do you cry? Break shit? Throw things at the TV? What do you do? How do you survive the heartache?

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