OMG…I’ve Got The Power!

Hello everyone. This had to have been the most roller coastery, emotional birthday I most likely ever had. And you thought my birthday nightmare ended when the Buckeyes got embarrassed on national television the night of my birthday. But no that wasn’t the end of it.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I felt like my boyfriend broke my heart. Don’t worry he did not, that was clearly Ohio State’s doing. I’m okay now. Then I found out that my 1st round fantasy draft pick (LT) had issues with his big toe. Then I had to watch the dreadful Cincinnati Bengals and that pathetic performance. Around this time I was noticing how windy it was and the lights flickered on and off but they came back on. Then around 4:45 pm they flickered again yet did not come back on.

Every new year I learn something new. Like even thought I live in the Midwest, a hurricane can affect you extremely. Now usually we get rain sent our way when hurricanes hit the coast. But let me tell you. There was no rain. None. It was all wind. We here in Ohio had a windstorm. This windstorm resulted in me not having power from Sunday at 4:45pm to today at around 1:30pm. Insanity crept in numerous times and when the power came back on, I did my little happy dance.

So tonight I’m watching as much TV as possible even though I’m sleepy 🙂

Published by cdlampley

I am a writer and front end developer living in Central Ohio. I love to read and decided to start making YouTube videos about the books that I read.

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